Duck Soup is an Edmonton based, internationally recognized, award winning visual communications firm offering a full slate of graphic design, advertising, and brand building services. Established over 30 years ago, our firm has had the opportunity to establish a rock-solid reputation for creating highly inventive and highly effective branding programs and marketing initiatives that have intuitively elevated our clients’profiles, solidified their market position and, most importantly, positively affected their bottom line.

Whether it’s an ingenious logo design or a powerful video experience, an incisive product brochure or an innovative web presence, or even a complete reimagining of your corporate image (READ MORE)


Your logo is not your brand.


It is but one manifestation of your total brand expression. Your brand is the messages you convey, the actions you take, and most critically, the image you project. It is the connections you make and the relationships you build. It is every single point of contact you have with your audience. So, no your logo is not your brand, (but you still better have a damn good one).