Duck Soup has the knowledge, experience and expertise to unleash your brand potential and give it the meaning and direction that will resonate with your target audience.

Lead by creative director and senior partner Bill Doucette, Duck Soup is comprised of a highly motivated, insanely dedicated group of OCD creative thinkers brimming with talent, insight, and integrity.

We attack every project with a finely-tuned combination of strategy and imagination, building powerful brands with the strength to stay ahead of the competition and the originality to forge a permanent impression. We create awareness, solidify perception and encourage loyalty by promoting the unique factors that form your brand, that define your company.


Perception is Reality.


And the first perception that your customers have of your business, good, bad, or somewhere in between, will likely remain the same forever, no matter how you might attempt to alter that reality. In the hypersonic world we now live in, you have one single, brief opportunity to ensure that YOUR audience is perceiving YOUR reality exactly the way YOU want. So, don’t screw it up. Make a killer first impression. Always put your best foot forward. And make sure your shoes are always shiny.