In our 30+ year history, there is very little in the field of visual communications that Duck Soup has not been involved with. On thousands of projects for hundreds of clients we have applied the knowledge and expertise gleaned from decades of experience to provide our clients with effective, creative solutions that meet and exceed the myriad challenges of today’s marketplace.

Whether your company is a large national firm or an embryonic start-up, we approach each assignment with a precise balance of deliberate creative vision and intelligent strategic analysis. Duck Soup is dedicated to providing branding and marketing expertise that launches new businesses, defines new products and introduces new services with appealing, engaging and effective solutions.


At Duck Soup, we have an exceptionally deep box of creative tools at our disposal. And each one is considered, appraised and evaluated for their applicability as we persue the most compelling and potent branding solutions for our clients.

Our tool box contains, but is not limited to:

Logo Design
Corporate Identity
Brand Strategy
Name Creation
Profile Brochures
Product Catalogs
Product Packaging
Product Naming
Website Design
Video Production

Ad Campaigns
Typographic Design
Promotional Pamphlets
Direct Mail Campaigns
Tradeshow Displays
Retail Signage