Voice Construction is a company that has long realized the vital role it plays within the oil industry in this country and, since 1994, we have made a calculated and strategic decision to focus our strengths within the energy sector, particularly in the Alberta Oil Sands.

The terms earthmoving and site preparation don’t begin to describe the significant capabilities and operational expertise that Voice delivers on each project we undertake. Industrial construction of this nature requires finely tuned methods and highly specialized equipment, and Voice never fails to rise to the challenge. With each new project, we have dramatically increased our knowledge base and consistently refined the skills of every employee throughout our operations, maintaining our position as a recognized and highly regarded leader in the petrochemical and hydrocarbon market. Relying on our vast experience in a variety of civil engineering disciplines, Voice has developed an intrinsic understanding of the complex construction and long-term maintenance of industrial facilities.

Capitalizing on our expertise in site preparation, underground utilities and tank foundation work, Voice Construction maintains the ability to marshal our logistic and manpower resources on a wide range of projects across Western Canada. Voice continuously evaluates, pinpoints and acquires optimal equipment to best position us to respond to our client’s needs. This forms an important differentiator in our marketplace. With recent and on-going equipment acquisitions, including massive new excavators and rock trucks, Voice can mobilize over 250 pieces of heavy machinery from our internal fleet.

Although the Voice equipment fleet is enormously important, Voice is underpinned by a motivated and dedicated work force. With a seasonal peak of over 1000 employees, Voice strives to ensure that each superintendent, foreman, operator and labourer is highly experienced and qualified in their respective profession. Every superintendent has extensive on the job experience, and several have celebrated their 30th year with Voice.

Our corporate culture underpins our commitment to safety and operational excellence. Voice relies on industry proven software and hardware to ensure that the company leadership possesses appropriate information that is vital for day to day operations and successful project delivery. We embrace technical innovations that will benefit growth for ourselves and, more importantly, for our clients.

Safety is every single Voice employee’s primary concern and responsibility. When the worksite is safe, the quality of the work is readily apparent. Voice Construction educates its employees through wide ranging programs that address all safety, health and lifestyle issues. A comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Policy includes a responsive Employee and Family Assistance Program. Voice’s Modified Work Program and Safety Incentive Program have both become well-respected models in our industry. Our Hazard Assessment Process has been tested and refined and is second to none. Our 360o commitment to safety not only results in an enviable safety record, but recognition from our clients as well as the Alberta Construction Safety Association.

The history of Voice Construction is directly tied to the history of industrial development in Alberta. From our inception, and through decades of exponential growth, Voice has established a reputation for dedication and reliability. Our valued relationships with leading oil sands clients and EPCM’s, coupled with an enriched understanding of future development objectives, have provided Voice with a concrete foundation for unprecedented growth and expansion.

As Arthur Voice once said, “It all just comes down to common horse sense.”

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